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I know this community hasn't been updating in forever (5 years!) but I hope some of you are still around.

I went to an ApHC regional club show yesterday and was a little disappointed. I hadn't been to a "rated" appaloosa show for many years and I was hoping the peanut roller, broken lope horses had stopped being a thing - or at the very least - stopped being a *rewarded* thing. I saw several of these horses placing in the classes.

I'm just wondering if it's a regional thing, or if it's still a national thing? I hate seeing beautiful Appaloosas struggling to maintain artificially slow gaits and headsets.

Admittedly, I'm not in the western horse world. I ride English and I'm not there today to see the English classes so maybe I'm just ignorant and out of touch?

Enlighten me!

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how's everyone's show season?

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I haven't done too many shows this year. Only two, one schooling show and the other a Dressage Breed show.

The first few are from summerish of last year. The second are from the Dressage Breed Show in Morven Park.

Take note of all the new spots. :)

She was a little stiff in the rear, so her score would have been higher if she wasn't sore. I was happy with how she showed. She acted crazy, but when she was in the arena she was quiet.

I started working with her again under saddle. She's doing awesome. She's trotting well and today we did cavelletis, took 'em like a pro. Going to concentrate on trotting more on the next two weeks before we try and tackle the canter.

Already thinking about 2007's Show Season.
I want to go to the Raleigh shows, because they have Pre-Green Hunter and the other over fence classes. I've free jumped her and she has awesome form. So by next year she should be all good.
SEnding her to my friend who does eventing, so she'll have some more schooling. I want to try and do showmanship with her so I can work on my Non-Pro Superior, but I dunno.
Also want to do the Upper Marlboro and Lexington ApHC shows.

For the rest of this year, just doing two more Dressage Breed Shows, 1 in FAir Hill which as a Appy Sporthorse class(which she's also reg in that assoc) and Rosemont and a few local shows. YEah that was a long run-on sentence. hehe.


Hope everyone's show season is going well.



Possibly a stupid question, but bear with me here, guys.

How exactly does one get to the National/Youth World Show? Do you have to qualify or is a "I think I'm good enough, so I'll show up" sort of thing? If you have to qualify, how? (I'm assuming by getting points at regional ApHC shows, but how many points do you have to get, how do you know when you're qualified...?) And does anyone know the difference between an open and a limited class? (As in a Ltd. 3 Yr. Old Western Pleasure Maturity vs. Open 3 Yr. Old Western Pleasure Maturity?)Please forgive all the questions. I normally frequent local shows (dressage!) and 4-H and I'm usually the only Appy at the show.

I ask this because I won the ApHC Junior Journalist contest and we're headed down that way. My aunt's taking me and she was thinking about, after seeing how his training goes, trailering Diamond down and showing him in the three year old western pleasure classes. We might take Queenie too and one of us will show her in halter. (Another question: Can youths show yearlings or is there an age limit? If there is an age thing, can youths also show in the non-pro division and by-pass the age limit?) By the way, Queenie is spotting out as I predicted. (Cassie 3, Everyone Else ZERO) I'll get y'all some pictures soon.

And, since our birthdays are this week, I was thinking about buying Ruby a show cooler/light sheet to help keep her clean the day before the show after I give her a bath. She's got a lot of white on her (pic!), so if she so much as touches anything, she gets filthy. Suggestions? Recommendations?

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I have finally found time to share some pictures with you guys!!! They are of my 2005 show season! YAY! only 45 more days till my first show in North Carlina! anyways- the bay is Rodney my all around horse and the other is Benn my Gamer! hope all this works!

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Was just wondering around LJ and this is one of the first horse sites that caught my eye! And of course its Appy related! ^_^

Well, a little about me I guess. I got into Appaloosa horses thanks to my mom who had owned 3 when I was growing up. And my two horses are Appy/Morgan crosses, S'mores my lovely little fat mare & Roamin my cowardly gelding! I used to show, but got fed up with all those snotty people (no offense! I didn't mean all show people! Just the ones in my area!) and the lack of shows in this part of WI. So now I just trail ride & I hope one day to find something new to do with my ponies! ^_^

Hello all!

I'm not sure if anyone still posts here, but I thought I'd introduce myself nonetheless.

I'm twenty one years old, I ride an eight year old appy named Zippy, show name Chunky Monkey, and have been since he was two. We were hunter/jumper, but have since lost our coach, and now we just mess around for fun. He's got a thyroid problem, and even with the medication, is a little overweight, but I think he's gorgeous. Sweetest horse in the history of the world.
I've got a couple of pictures of him from a couple of shows we went to, and I'm going to take some more sometime soon. Just as soon as I get off my lazy butt.
In the meantime, here are some pictures.
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Since I just joined i thought Id post to say hi and show off my appy's.

Im 17yrs. going to be 18 very soon.
I ride mostly english I LOVE dressage and trail rides.
I keep my horses right here at home.
i want to learn to barrel race.

i love looking at other people's horse pics and reading there stories.
And making new horse friends. ♥

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