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Qualifying? [Apr. 9th, 2006|10:02 am]
The Appaloosa Horse Club


Possibly a stupid question, but bear with me here, guys.

How exactly does one get to the National/Youth World Show? Do you have to qualify or is a "I think I'm good enough, so I'll show up" sort of thing? If you have to qualify, how? (I'm assuming by getting points at regional ApHC shows, but how many points do you have to get, how do you know when you're qualified...?) And does anyone know the difference between an open and a limited class? (As in a Ltd. 3 Yr. Old Western Pleasure Maturity vs. Open 3 Yr. Old Western Pleasure Maturity?)Please forgive all the questions. I normally frequent local shows (dressage!) and 4-H and I'm usually the only Appy at the show.

I ask this because I won the ApHC Junior Journalist contest and we're headed down that way. My aunt's taking me and she was thinking about, after seeing how his training goes, trailering Diamond down and showing him in the three year old western pleasure classes. We might take Queenie too and one of us will show her in halter. (Another question: Can youths show yearlings or is there an age limit? If there is an age thing, can youths also show in the non-pro division and by-pass the age limit?) By the way, Queenie is spotting out as I predicted. (Cassie 3, Everyone Else ZERO) I'll get y'all some pictures soon.

And, since our birthdays are this week, I was thinking about buying Ruby a show cooler/light sheet to help keep her clean the day before the show after I give her a bath. She's got a lot of white on her (pic!), so if she so much as touches anything, she gets filthy. Suggestions? Recommendations?

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