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how's everyone's show season? - The Appaloosa Horse Club [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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how's everyone's show season? [Jul. 20th, 2006|12:21 am]
The Appaloosa Horse Club


cross posted this in appylovers as well.

I haven't done too many shows this year. Only two, one schooling show and the other a Dressage Breed show.


The first few are from summerish of last year. The second are from the Dressage Breed Show in Morven Park.

Take note of all the new spots. :)

She was a little stiff in the rear, so her score would have been higher if she wasn't sore. I was happy with how she showed. She acted crazy, but when she was in the arena she was quiet.

I started working with her again under saddle. She's doing awesome. She's trotting well and today we did cavelletis, took 'em like a pro. Going to concentrate on trotting more on the next two weeks before we try and tackle the canter.

Already thinking about 2007's Show Season.
I want to go to the Raleigh shows, because they have Pre-Green Hunter and the other over fence classes. I've free jumped her and she has awesome form. So by next year she should be all good.
SEnding her to my friend who does eventing, so she'll have some more schooling. I want to try and do showmanship with her so I can work on my Non-Pro Superior, but I dunno.
Also want to do the Upper Marlboro and Lexington ApHC shows.

For the rest of this year, just doing two more Dressage Breed Shows, 1 in FAir Hill which as a Appy Sporthorse class(which she's also reg in that assoc) and Rosemont and a few local shows. YEah that was a long run-on sentence. hehe.


Hope everyone's show season is going well.